Boruta-Zachem, spółka działająca w branży chemiczno-kosmetycznej, w drugim kwartale wypracowała 8,3 mln zł przychodów ze sprzedaży – jest to wynik o 54 proc. wyższy w porównaniu do poprzedniego roku. Na wzrost sprzedaży wpływ miały zwiększone działania marketingowe w zakresie ekologicznych marek oraz pozyskanie nowych, dużych klientów. W tym okresie spółka również poprawiła wyniki finansowe i rentowność na każdym poziomie działalności.

Strategical features

Strategical aim of the partnership for the next years is the company’s dynamical development achieved through the expansion of groundbreaking products and services range

Boruta-Zachem operates in three independent from each other sectors: production of dyestuffs and pigments, biosurfactants (cosmetics industry) and research of unique products on world class scale.

Production of dyestuffs and pigments

The main operation of company is the production of pigments and dyestuffs used in the textile, tanning, wood, pulp and paper, paint-and-varnishes, plastics and other industries. In this field Boruta-Zachem continues a long tradition of production plants in Zgierz and Bydgoszcz. The good practice worked out so far causes the company to permanently increase the quality and the range of offered products. Due to this Boruta-Zachem has customers among buoyant companies in Europe. Superordinate aim of the board is to optimize the production process and improve the customer service.

Biosurfactants production

Surfactants are the superficially active agents used in the production of various cleaning detergents, paints, cosmetics and groceries and even antibiotics and herbicides. Synthetically obtained surfactants are often used to manufacture all those products. They are the reasons for some skin problems, and also due to their originate they pose some a threat to environment.

Boruta-Zachem has an exclusive right to the technology which enables the manufacturing of biosurfactants of surfactants on an industrial scale, it is synthesized by bacteria from the Bacillus family – it is created from the compounds of plant origin.

The aim of the company, concerning the nonmaterial assets, is to start off the production of washing up liquid and liquid soap. As a result Boruta-Zachem is going to become a manufacturer of ecological household chemicals and cosmetics. The company will also have sales of biosurfactants as a half-finished product.

Research and development

The third branch of the company is the research operation. Boruta-Zachem intends to carry out world class innovative research projects. Their purpose is to implement innovative solutions into production, which will build the value of the firm. The first project which has been undertaken by R&D department is formulating of bandages based on nanostructures, which will: effectively fight the bacteria and fungi occurring in wounds, prevent scabs and stimulate circulatory micro vessels to rebuild.