Boruta-Zachem S.A. – spółka notowana na NewConnect, kontynuuje dynamiczny wzrost wyników, przede wszystkim za sprawą ekologicznej gałęzi biznesu. Właściciel marek OnlyBio i OnlyEco w drugim kwartale wypracował 14,5 mln zł skonsolidowanych przychodów ze sprzedaży – jest to wynik o ponad 55 proc. wyższy w porównaniu do poprzedniego roku. W tym okresie, firma osiągnęła blisko 1 mln zł zysku netto, co stanowi czterokrotny wzrost w stosunku do analogicznego okresu rok wcześniej. Bardzo dobre wyniki to efekt rozwoju sieci sprzedaży oraz rosnącej popularności ekologicznych marek.

Nano bandages

We are carrying out a research on modern bandages with unreachable, so far, properties which contribute to the process of healing.

Formulated by us the bandages will use nanostructures of silicon dioxide with additive of chosen Polytitanic Acids and/or organic acid. Our research-and-development project is, in this extension, innovative on a world class scale.


The main characteristic of the formulated bandages will be the contribution to the wound healing of various etiology without using antibiotics. Microorganisms occurring in places of damaged epidermis usually very quickly become immunized to antibiotics. Moreover antibiotics show a particular range of actions and there is a possibility of causing shock reaction and/or interaction with the medicines, which the patient is taking due to treated afflictions. Due to all the above using antibiotics in bandages lengthens the process of healing.

According to the assumptions, nanostructures of our bandages will not exhibit neither selectivity of actions, nor other mechanisms helping the microorganisms to become immune in the wound.

Our bandages will:

  1. Work antibacterially, antifungal, antinecrosis, without hindering the creation of granulation which fills the loss of damaged tissue
  2. Absorb the effusion, especially with wounds created as a result of thermal and chemical burns
  3. Protect – without a need to change for a few, a dozen or so hours in poor condition of health and in better condition about 24h
  4. Grow together with the tissue in the process of healing
  5. Prevent the creation of scabs
  6. Stimulate the recovery of micro vessels in the vicinity of the wound
  7. Ease to use, even by an untrained person

Form of the bandage:

  • Basic – arid bandage put on the surface of the wound
  • Helping – foam and/or powder in good condition and recovery

Stages of the research:

  1. Analysis of suggested properties of the components and potential synergy of working.
  2. Choosing the basic composition for testing and preparing the subject for testing.
  3. Preparation of the culture for the chosen strains of bacteria and fungi. Then carrying out in vitro examination on chosen compositions for typical bacteria occurring in wounds and for chosen fungi which are present in a processes occurring in the wounds.
  4. Analysis of the results, potential correction of the composition and repetition of the indispensable parts of the experiment on bacteria and fungi from the patients’ wounds.
  5. After the completion of the in vitro experiment, planned form of the bandage, solid, foam and powder, will be formulated for marked out composition.