Polish manufacturer Boruta-Zachem is planning to launch production of non-allergenic cosmetics in Bydgoszcz, in the country’s north - wrote magazine Cosmetics Business.

Research cooperation

We have initiated the cooperation with the following research centres:

Wrocław University

An extension of the cooperation:

  • Creation of the ecological household chemicals and cosmetics based on biosurfactants.
  • Formulating of the bandage composition, which is the basis of the nano bandages.

National Institute of Public Health – State Institute of

An extension of the cooperation:

  • Formulating of modern bandages based on nanostructures of silicon dioxide with added KWAS POLITYTANOWY

University of Technology and Life Science in Bydgoszczy

An extension of the cooperation

  • Research, analytical, pro-innovative and implementation work, especially in the extent of formulating new informatics systems (implementation of the algorithm, which improves the process of assorting the colours). Moreover cooperation encompasses didactic work.