Laboratorium Naturella – spółka której wyłącznym właścicielem jest notowana na NewConnect Boruta Zachem, zawarła kontrakt z Katarzyną Bosacką. Znana dziennikarka prasowa i telewizyjna została ambasadorką dwóch ekologicznych marek firmy na polskim rynku. Spółka zapowiada rozpoczęcie długoterminowej kampanii promocyjno-edukacyjnej z udziałem Katarzyny Bosackiej jeszcze w drugim kwartale.


Boruta-Zachem links 120 years of experience of Boruta located in Zgierz with 60 years of tradition in producing dyestuffs by Zachem brand, Bydgoszcz.

Production of dyeing agents in Zgierz dates back to 1894 what was related to the quick industrialization of the Łódź region. Due to the educated and ambitious team, this company has been producing a wide range of high quality products, which were acknowledged in the industry, from its very beginning. Nevertheless the dynamic development of the company was interrupted by the 1st World War when the mill was completely destroyed.

Through joint efforts of Zgierz people reconstruction started. Already in 1923, under the lead of outstanding entrepreneur Jan Śniechowski, full production capacity was being used. Due to this Boruta became the biggest dyestuffs manufacturer in Poland and a significant one in Europe.

At the same time in the former factory that produced explosives in Bydgoszcz a Chemical Plant, called Organika-Zachem, was created with a Department for the Production of Dyeing Agents. As a response to changing market conditions, production of pigments and optical brighteners was successfully implemented in the Bydgoszcz\ Factory. Products produced by both plants were sold on the domestic market and also imported to almost 100 countries all over the world.

As a result of economic changes in Poland in the 1990s reorganisation of both companies took place. In effect mills from Bydgoszcz and Zgierz were merged under one name of Boruta-Zachem Ltd., which happened in 2009. Due to the merge the company has became a leading producer of dyestuffs, pigments and optical brighteners in Poland with a network of permanent customers all over Europe.

Currently Boruta-Zachem is carrying out a number of innovative research projects transcending out of the dyestuffs industry.