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Heliofors for textiles

Heliofor CSP 200%


Colour Yellow powder
pH range
Application method and dosage polyamide – by exhaustion of the bath 0,5-1,5%
natural cellulose – by exhaustion of the bath 0,05-0,3%
padding in noble appretures - 1-3 g/dm3 bath
regenerated cellulose – by exhaustion of the bath 0,05-0,6%, padding in noble appretures 1-5 g/dm3 bath
Special features High whiteness level on polyamide fibers. White with reddish shade. Insensitive to reducing agents, such as hydrosulfite. Average substantivity.

All the data given in this table elaborated carefully and are based on our experience and you can rely upon them. We cannot however, takeresponsibility for the resault obtained becuse they depend mostly on fabric used and the local conditions of dyes application, and on concentration ofthe dye used and the amount of dyeing assistant.


OBA applicable to brightening: polyamide fibres, fibres made of natural and regenerated cellulose.