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Heliofors for textiles

Heliofor CB


Colour Blue liquid
pH range 7 - 10
Density 1,1 – 1,2 g/cm3
Application method and dosage It can be used with non-ionic and anionic compounds. The application together with cationic agents requires, each time, ensure there’s no precipitation occurs mixture components. Heliofor CB liquid is recommended for brightening products made of cellulose fi bres by exhausting from bath method, contained H2O2 on jets, haspels or jiggers dyeing machines. Depending on material, which should be brightened and whiteness level which must be achieved, brightening bath should contains: 0,1 – 1,0% Heliofor CB liquid
Special features It has an average sensitivity to oxidizing agents, it is insensitive to alkali and reducing agents. Sensitive to acids.

All the data given in this table elaborated carefully and are based on our experience and you can rely upon them. We cannot however, takeresponsibility for the resault obtained becuse they depend mostly on fabric used and the local conditions of dyes application, and on concentration ofthe dye used and the amount of dyeing assistant.


OBA applicable to brightening: cellulose fibres.