Polish manufacturer Boruta-Zachem is planning to launch production of non-allergenic cosmetics in Bydgoszcz, in the country’s north - wrote magazine Cosmetics Business.


Optical brighteners offered by our company are known by its trade name as Heliofors.

These agents are used to enhance the whiteness of various white items and to brighten up other colours and colour elements. Due to its usage we improve the aesthetic impressions, appearance and quality of final product.

Optical brighteners are widely applicable in the following branches of the industry:

  • In the textile industry to improve the appearance of various textiles such as: wool, cotton, silk, polyester, polyamide and acrylic fibers and its variations and mixtures.
  • In the washing agents industry as an ingredient of washing powders and liquids, fabric softeners and other washing detergents.
  • In the pulp and paper industry to enhance various paper products with an usage of different methods of application, e.g. through adding to the paper pulp or surface sizing on the ready paper.
  • In plastics, waxes and paraffin to enhance the aesthetics of the final product, e.g. candles, rubber, and plastic products.
  • Due to its characteristic properties optical brighteners also have other applications, e.g. marking various items (clothing, polystyrene, animals), to improve decoration of clubs and restaurants (making use of the phenomenon of shining in the UV light).