Polish manufacturer Boruta-Zachem is planning to launch production of non-allergenic cosmetics in Bydgoszcz, in the country’s north - wrote magazine Cosmetics Business.

About us

Boruta-Zachem is an acknowledged producer of dyestuffs, pigments, optical brighteners and other chemical agents

Over 120 years of history of Boruta based in Zgierz and over 60 years of Dyestuffs Mill ZACHEM SA from Bydgoszcz are foundations of a subject with particular experience and a vast knowledge of market demand.

The current profile of our operations includes 350 assortment items used, among other things, in the textile, tanning, paints and varnishes, construction, pulp and paper, plastics, household chemicals industries and many others. We also provide service in the range of carrying out chemical and physiochemical processes (synthesis, atomisation, mixing).

Given our experience, knowledge and laboratory base, all of which help us to provide service in the range of the application of our products in various uses. Our team of highly qualified employees can guarantee the professionalism of service.