Polish manufacturer Boruta-Zachem is planning to launch production of non-allergenic cosmetics in Bydgoszcz, in the country’s north - wrote magazine Cosmetics Business.


We are developing the manufacturing the technology of biosurfactants with their high properties for emulsification and foam creation.

We use groundbreaking technology. Biosurfactants have not been produced from the rape biomass yet. Gained through research the know-how helps us to implement the production process of the superficially active, natural agents on an industrial scale.

Our surfactants are human and environment friendly.

Despite of our existing success in this field, in order to increase the efficiency of this process, we are still carrying out research on the further improvement of the method of manufacturing the surfactants. We concentrate on searching for new basis for the growth of microorganisms - strains of bacteria which synthesise biosurfactants which have the properties required in the industry.

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