Boruta-Zachem – spółka notowana na NewConnect, działająca w branży chemicznej, osiągnęła
w czwartym kwartale 8,8 mln zł przychodów ze sprzedaży, co oznacza wzrost o ponad 24 proc. względem analogicznego okresu ubiegłego roku. Zysk netto w tym okresie wyniósł 2,0 mln zł. Dynamiczny wzrost przychodów to efekt rosnącej skali działalności segmentu chemii gospodarczej
i kosmetyków, których produkcja oparta jest na bazie ekologicznej biosurfaktyny.

We have technology enabling us to manufacture biosurfactants from rape biomass

Our biosurfactants

We have exclusive rights to unique, technology of the efficient production of biosurfactants on a worldwide scale which have high properties in creating foam and emulsion, which are all based on biomass – after the extraction of grit and rape press cake. Currently we are working on using available resources to implement the production of biosurfactants on an industrial scale.

Properties of our biosurfactants

  1. They are safe for skin and do not cause irritation.
  2. They are entirely biodegradable. Biodegradation of surfactants after 8 days is on a level of about 67%. In the case of synthetic surfactants (chemical origins) biodegradation after 8 days have not been noticed at all (index of biodegradation was measured with BOD/TOD method).
  3.  They ensure the high quality of products, which they are ingredients of. They significantly decrease surface pressure from 72 mN.m-1 to 27 mN.m-1.The critical concentration of micelle (CMC) of our surfactants is between 6 – 20 μmol/l. It makes up perfect efficiency, even much better than some of the synthetic surfactants surfaktanty (SDS 700 μmol/l, CMC 42.5 mN.m-1, data: Food Technol. Biotechnol. 47 (1) 27–31 (2009)).
  4. They have approximate emulsifying properties to emulsifying properties of synthetic surfactants. Index of emulsification E24 of surfactants is 69.1% , while of synthetic surfactants E24 is 71.7%.
  5. They are stabile in a changing pH. Our surfactant keeps its perfect properties in a wide range of pH.
  6. They keep their properties in the temperatures lower than synthetic surfactants.